Sunday, 10 April 2022

Physical & Virtual Race Options


This year’s event will include 10km and 21.1km distances - no 5km fun run will be hosted. There will be no prize money or prizegiving for the event. Unfortunately, no gazebos or entertainment will be allowed. NO SPECTATORS. Entrants will be able to start at any chosen time between 6am and 7am. The route will be available for download on STRAVA, and entrants are encouraged to submit their results after the event. There will be limited water tables along the route. It is recommended that you carry refreshments with you. No entries will be done at the Birchwood Hotel. Entries are only available online at, at Running High Store in Bedfordview, or The Sweatshop Dunkeld. Great Grandmaster (70+) and blind runner free entries may ONLY be done online. ENTRIES WILL BE STRICTLY LIMITED! We have 1500 entries available across the 10km and 21.1km events combined. Should we receive approval for more entries, we will communicate this across our social media platforms. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that any further entries will open up, and ENTRIES WILL CLOSE WHEN CAPACITY HAS BEEN REACHED. Should the race be cancelled due to Government imposed lockdown regulations, the event will be converted to a virtual event.


14 Viewpoint Road, Boksburg

Medals to all race participants, including virtual entrants.

Pacing charts are available at

Substitutions, upgrades or downgrades carry an administration fee of R100


Participants may begin any time between 6am and 7am.

The route will be available on STRAVA should you wish to download it ahead of time and record your race there.

Entrants are encouraged to submit their results after the event.


8th & 9th April 2022 | 12:00pm to 15:00pm | Birchwood Hotel Reception

Virtual race participants will be able to collect their medals and shirts during this time as well.

There will be no race pack collection on the day of the race.

Virtual run participants will receive the same benefits as physical entrants. They may collect their medals and tshirts at the race venue on 8 or 9 April 2022.

Where possible, please have one representative collect multiple numbers in order to limit the number of people entering the collection venue.


Long Sleeve moisture management t-shirts will be given to the first 1500 entrants
(Your allocated race number does not indicate your time of entry)
* Please request your t-shirt size on the tear-off entry form on the opposite page. We will endeavour to supply requested sizes but cannot guarantee size or fit. T-shirts will NOT be exchanged on race day *

Should further entries become available, these unfortunately won’t include a free shirt. You will, however, be able to order a shirt at a cost of R150 up until 31 January 2022.

There will be a voucher in your race pack if you qualified for a moisture management long sleeve t-shirt. NO voucher NO t-shirt. Shirt fittings will not be allowed.


The phenomenal Birchwood Hotel will once again play host to our half marathon. If you want to turn your run into a weekend getaway, they have a number of wonderful accommodation options on offer.



44 Viewpoint Road

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Please note that all participants must be finished by 9am
There will be limited marshalls and Metro Police officers on the route. Please note that traffic will have right of way, and all rules of the road must be strictly adhered to.


Secure parking will be available inside the Birchwood Hotel from 05:30am on 10 April 2022


Limited refreshments will be available on the route. All athletes must ensure they are self sufficient.


We want to help you reach your pacing goals. We've put together a number of different charts for both the 21km and the 10km events. Simply click the below buttons to download your free copies.


We have a guaranteed 1500 physical entries available, and 1000 virtual entries. Should government regulations allow us to increase this number, we will inform everyone across our social media platfoms.



1. Runners must wear their event race number with disposable chip to get results.
2. The race is held under the rules of ASA and CGA.
3. All athletes participate at their own risk & acknowledge by entering the event that they are medically fit to participate. All athletes must supply the name and contact number of their next of kin during the entry process.
4. The minimum age for entry is 16 years old on race day.
5. No littering on route and anyone found to be littering may be disqualified.
6. All athletes must wear the event race number provided on the front of their vests and must ensure the title sponsor on the provincial licence is clearly visible.
7. Licenced athletes must:
• belong to a club affiliated to ASA
• wear their club colours
• wear their 2022 licence number on the front & back of their vests or purchase a temporary license
8. Licenced athletes not wearing their club colours may face disqualification.
9. Unlicenced athletes must buy a temporary licence at registration and wear plain clothing with the temporary license on the back of their vests.
10. Athletes indemnify national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organisers of the race against all and any actions of whatsoever nature that may occur during the race.
11. No seconding or bicycles are allowed along the route. Ample refreshment stations are provided.
12. No blades, cycles, scooters or mechanically operated devices.
13. No 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts/prams that are mechanically or manually operated by participants, or wheelchair athletes will be permitted to participate without special permission from the race organiser.
14. We regret that athletes are not allowed to participate with pets.
15. No refunds. Should live events be cancelled due to Lockdown regulations, physical entries will automatically be changed to a virtual entry.
16. Foreign athletes are not allowed to run with an ASA Provincial licence and are required to purchase a temporary licence or face disqualification. (Refer to IAAF rule 4.)
17. Foreign athletes are not allowed to run in club colours unless such club exists in their country of origin or they are in possession of a refugee status permit or are naturalised citizens of RSA.(Refer to IAAF rule 4.)
18. No duplicate of lost numbers will be issued.
19. No Race number collections or T-Shirts on the day of the event.
20. Copy of ID is required at registration.
21. No earphones allowed and contravention of IAAF rule 144.2b, may lead to disqualification.
22. It’s illegal to run with another athlete’s race number and all athletes found to be in contravention of this rule will be reported to CGA and their respective club.
23. No athlete may participate in our race without buying an official entry and if found in contravention of this rule, will be liable for all late entry penalties with habitual offenders will be reported to CGA and their respective club.
24. All instructions from traffic & race officials/marshals must be obeyed at all times.
25. The race organiser retains the right to refuse entry and eject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade paying for admission.
26. Covid-19 Protocols must be complied with at all times. Some pertinent points:
a) The Birchwood Half Marathon supports vaccinated runners and encourages all participants to get their vaccinations.
b) Whilst PCR tests won’t be required, we ask participants to be responsible and considerate of their fellow athletes, and not to attend if they suspect they may be ill or have been exposed to somebody who has Covid.
c) ID is required at registration.
d) Please sanitise your hands, and wear a mask covering both your nose and your mouth at registration.
e) Controlled venue entrance: no race number no entry.
f) Athletes must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose at all times, and remove only once crossing the start line (carry own)
g) Athletes must put on a mask immediately after crossing the finish line (carry own)
h) Participants must start between 6am and 7am.
i) Please, stay away if you are unwell on race day or for registration.
j) No tog bag area, club gazebo’s, food preparation on site, spectators or kiddies area.